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Hi, thanks for visiting the site, I’m Tim, the owner of Blockchain Talent. For 15 years I’ve worked with companies large and small, to source and recruit talent. From exceptional grads to game-changing directors, matching great people with new opportunities is what I do. I’m also a Blockchain enthusiast, I love the disruptive nature, the energy and the creativity of the space. The whole essence of decentralization, independence, equality and the freedom it promises long term, is extremely appealing to me.

Blockchain Talent seemed like a natural project for me. I hope you like it, and most of all I hope we can be of use to you. I want to give you as much support and flexibility as possible, particularly for start-ups, where budgets can be tight and hiring the right people is crucial to your development. Think of me as your ‘right-hand man’ when it comes to recruitment!

Whatever you need, we will work out a way to support you, just ask!

Good luck with your recruitment, we’ll certainly do all we can to find the best talent for you.

Tim Wilkin, founder ‘Blockchain-Talent’