Mission Control.

Full-Service Recruitment Consultancy (Mission Control)

There are many benefits to handing over control of your recruitment project to a specialist recruitment consultancy. A reliable and thorough Recruitment Process is vital. Blockchain Talent’s ‘Mission Control’ service, gives you total peace of mind. 

1.) Save time and resources.

2.) Access a huge range of local, national, and global, pre-qualified candidates.

3.) Access to the recruiter’s own network of known talent

4.) Leverage the skill and experience of professional recruiters.

5.) Excellent quality job applications, always relevant with the right skillset

6.) Reliable negotiation, communication, and candidate management

We Advertise

Social Media: We use social media to its full potential, we advertise and actively market your vacancy to your target audience, both through our own social accounts and when available via specific social influencers.

Job Boards: We have accounts with some of the largest global job board and recruitment networks.

Network: We will contact our own database of known talent to introduce your vacancy directly to the candidate.

We Pre-Screen

We screen all applications, filtering only the best CV’s. We contact the filtered applicants by phone and take candidates through an initial qualifying interview. Successful candidates are invited to attend a second stage face to face interview, which takes place either in person or via video conference.

We Shortlist

We will compile a shortlist of candidate applications. These will be our recommended candidates for interview. Candidate profiles will be emailed to you. You decide who you want to invite to your first stage interview.

We Interview

Based upon your own schedule, we will contact your selected candidates and arrange their first and second interview with you. We will take care of all associated preparation and communication.

We Offer

We will negotiate an employment offer with your selected candidate, ensuring that you retain the best candidate for your vacancy.

We Reference

Once an offer has been made by the employer and accepted by the candidate, we will collect employment references where required.

We Onboard

During the first 3 months of employment, we will maintain weekly contact with the new employee. We will troubleshoot any concerns and do our best to ensure a smooth ongoing transition into their new role with you.